A large-scale infrastructure

for your audio, video and photoshoot productions

Exceptional setting

Our studio is located in the French-speaking part of canton of Fribourg, Switzerland. Its location is close to Moudon and Romont just 30 minutes drive from Lausanne, Fribourg or Yverdon. Nearby the freeway exit, the studio is equipped with a large parking lot with all the functionalities. Surrounded by countryside and greenery, it promises calm and silent shooting conditions.

Technology and equipment

Supplied with cutting-edge equipment, we offer a setting conducive to creation that provides comfort and confidentiality. The studio is open to all productions which require a large space for shooting, filming or photography. You can even bring in cars or large equipment.

Available for rent

The studio is available for rent, with or without our production team. We also have a recording studio for music and sound, podcasts, voice-overs, translations or dubbing. Weekly, daily, or half-day rentals. Ask us for a personalized offer.

The studio and its film set available for rent

Our Sound Booth for your Easy Sound Recording!

Mainly used for the realization of the soundtracks of the Swissmovie films, our studio allows the recording of the voice-overs of speakers, the audio edits as well as the stereo or 5.1 mixing.

For some clients, we also record voices for TV and radio spots along with telephone messages.

A wide Variety of Services to facilitate your Experience